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La Dolce Vita Quote

$22.46 $29.95

2227 - 24in x 10in

Live the sweet life by decorating your living room or bedroom with this stunningly beautiful wall decal. The thirty lovely colors available for this wall art will give new life to any living or working space. Life is about doing the things you love and enjoying them. La Dolce Vita! as the saying goes. Get this inspirational quote to remind you of the good things in life. You can place this wall saying on any flat surface and we will send you tools and instruction on how to apply it and style it, so you can enjoy it. Please do customize this decal and make it yours by selecting your favorite color and desired size.

La Dolce Vita wall decal quote is now available in one of 30 colors at Style & Apply. Please see all of our inspirational and love wall decal quotes here.