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Are you a fan of a famous singer, actor or actress? Or perhaps you are in love with a revolutionary leader, a former president or another famous person who is your idol and has influenced your life. Well, you will find them all here.

In this category of decals stickers, we bring you famous people in their best light, including Bob Marley, John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Henry Fonda and more. You can also locate quotes from these influential people under the wall decals quotes section and add it above or below your wall decal or wall sticker.

All of our wall decals are available in various sizes and colors, so that you can customize your wall decal into a personal wall art piece for your home or office. These wall art pieces are all uniquely designed and make a great gift to friends and family. If you really want to surprise someone with a personalized wall art piece, then get them a wall decal today.

Famous People Wall Decals

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Gandhi Wall Decal
From $19.95
Elvis Wall Decal
From $19.95
2 Pac Wall Decal
From $19.95
Jesus Wall Decal
From $19.95