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Design Ideas For World Travellers

Design Ideas For World Travellers

Never been to Paris or New York? Try this Detailed World Map decal. Start putting pins where you’ve been and pins where you want to travel. Seeing is believing, and believe me, it is all worth seeing. Put yourself in the mindset that anywhere in the world is within reach.


Dying to see Sydney? Remember friends in the Northern Hemisphere, your summer is their winter. Yup, Santa’s pecks are pop out of a tank top in December during Christmas. Regardless, Australia and its neighbor New Zealand are an adventure’s paradise.  Remember this quick guide:

Spring: September – November (lovely)
Summer: December – February (hot)
Autumn: March – May (lovely)
Winter: June – August (cool, but not really cold)



For those of you who are minimalist when it comes to design, try this bold New York City Skyline Wall Decal. Our cityscape wall decals grab the attention of your guests and the room something to talk about.



With the right combination of colors and accent pieces, you can achieve a bohemian flare in any room. This look can be achieved with your favorite travel spot surrounded by earth tones. Top it off with a trip to a swap meet, garage sale, antique shop and nursery. Yup, add some succulents to your bohemian design. They need less attention than the typical houseplant and provide beautiful vibrant colors. The blues give you the feel of the tranquil sea, the yellows the touch of the sands, the reds provide warmth and the greens provide calm. What country does this sound like? Pick your color.

The best pieces to decorate with are items you bring back from your travels. A Parisian themed room is classic. During my travels I brought back some beautiful throw pillows and the most adorable lamp. These accent pieces give the room some authentication and character. But no worries if you beautiful Parisian lamp came from the discount store at your local mini-mall. Does it look good? That is all that matters. You’ll get a stamp in your passport soon.

Start planning! Or for now keep the dream alive. Either way, where ever you’ve been itching to see, all you need is the motivation, and what better place to look for motivation than on your own walls.

Find travel themed wall art stickers in our skyline wall decal section and in our world and map wall decal collection.

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