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Functional Wall Decals

Our functional wall decals feature products such as wall clocks, wall hangers and black and white boards. These decals are designed to look great and to function properly. For example, the clock decals are do actually tell time and the white and black boards can be used in your home or office to be written on, erased and re-used. Wall decal hangers are some of our most popular. They can be used to hang purses, jackets, towels and more. In fact, the hangers can be added to essentially any wall decal you order with us. We also carry window decals and car decals. You can see our functional wall decals here.

Wall Prints and Wall Stickers

Wall prints and wall stickers are also available at Style & Apply. Wall prints and wall stickers are printed on different materials than wall decals and rather than being a transfer, they are directly applied to your walls and flat surfaces. Wall stickers and wall prints tend to show more details than wall decals. So if you wish to have a sticker or print of a city a skyline or, then we recommend a wall print or sticker over a wall decal. Likewise, wall stickers tend to come in pieces so you can arrange them in any way you want and stick them to various flat surfaces much easier, such as furniture, desks, drawers, closets and more. To learn more, please explore our products and to find answers, please visit the FAQs page or contact us directly. We are here to answer your inquiries during normal business hours.

Thank you for visiting Style & Apply, we look forward to styling your home and your life with our uniquely designed and fun wall art and home décor products.